Sealed Concrete

Concrete Sealing

Are you having an uncompleted concrete floor or hard surface? Whether it is in your workshop, your living area, kitchen, garage, outdoor patio, or even areas surrounding your pool. You will need to consider having a professionally sealed concrete floor seriously.

The benefits of having sealed concrete floors, concrete resurfacing and concrete repair include a healthier and cleaner environment; reduced lighting needs; an amazingly improved appearance, a significantly lengthened lifespan of your concrete and significant value-added to your home or building.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete sealing is needed for projects that require concrete floors that are dense and impenetrable. Concrete Sealing the surface prevents water and moisture from seeping into the porous concrete. It also prevents water and dirt from getting into the concrete that causes dirty discolorations and build-up of molds and mildew.

Unsealed hard surfaces in any home will eventually create a musty and stale odor which can penetrate the whole house. Aside from this, water absorbed into the concrete will expand when it freezes, causing the concrete to crack and crumble under pressure. Your smooth-looking concrete surface will now look pockmarked and cracked.

It’s astonishing just how much value is lost off a property by unprotected hard surface damage. There is a need to seal the concrete floor professionally. Concrete sealing provides a barrier against the absorption of damaging chemical spills such as oil, brake fluid, and staining liquids such as coffee, juices, and wine in both outdoor and indoor living and dining areas.

Even after brushing or heavy polishing, your concrete will not look as good as having a professionally done concrete sealing. Not only will blemishes be hidden, but sealing will also add character to the finished floor.

The gloss added to your floors will highlight the quality and authenticity of your concrete floors. Because of the gloss produced, the light will reflect on your floors, thus reducing the need for many lights. It can reduce your utility bills! We will add that modern and urban look to your floors.

Why Us?

We have a certified team of experts who will assist you with concrete sealing, concrete resurfacing, and concrete repair. The performance benefit you will receive from sealed concrete is the capability of incorporating a skid-resistant additive. We will also apply the aggregate in different sizes and amounts to achieve the desired level of slip resistance.
Blankenship Polished Concrete Company can do concrete resurfacing that applies a thin coat of polymer-modified or cement-based overlay to cover the existing surface. This coating will fill up the cracks in the old surface, hides its dull look and gives it a new and shiny look. You can get the resurfacing done by our concrete contractor who has experience in handling concrete jobs.

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If you want your concrete flooring to have lasting beauty, you will find that sealed concrete, concrete resurfacing, and concrete repair to be a very viable option. Call the expert, and all your concrete issues will be sorted. We will ensure that your concrete looks brand new, is aesthetically functional, and adds significant value to your home. Call us today for more information.

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